Just finally getting caught up on “Better Call Saul”

A couple notes…

  1. I’ve been hammering out episodes of Better Call Saul as fast as I can!
  2. I’ve got a huge trip planned to visit my family in Saint Louis in May!

So before we get to BCS (Better Call Saul) I was wondering if any readers out there have any experience renting a limo service.  If you are from the Saint Louis area I’d love to get your opinion.  I found a company called St. Charles Limos and they look promising, but I honestly can’t really tell who to hire.

I want to go out for a night with my sisters and a limo is the right way to do it!

Anyways…. moving on…

I just watched the first 6 episodes in like the past couple days.  Awesome, awesome, awesome.  Saul is a legend in the making, and it’s even better when they show him hustling in his early years.  Love that dude!

If you can’t tell, I am a huge Breaking Bad fan so Better Call Saul has been on my radar for a while.  Taking care of Tink though is like a full time job so it pretty much has prevented me from watching the show “live”.  I also have the NHL playoffs going on right now so that takes precedence over nearly everything!

I think I feel asleep last night during a great episode.  Saul and his brother are just about to really go after that retirement community.  I really hope this turns out to be a massive case.

What still isn’t apparent to me is whether or not Saul ever becomes a big time lawyer like his brother or if he stays small time most of his life.  I have no idea how far away season 1 of breaking bad is time wise, if that makes sense.

Like is Saul 20 years away?  5 years away?  Does he win this huge case and then fall apart and that’s why he has to represent people like Walt?  I honestly have no idea and I love that!

Gilligan and crew do a masterful job with both of these series.  If you really want to be inspired, check out this youtube clip I stumbled upon the other day…

Talk about awesome!  I love Walter White, and Saul as well!

Anyways, that’s all for now.


The benefits of having a Pool for the Kids

There are tons of benefits of having a pool for kids, especially the wading pool which is specifically intended for kids, but a wading pool is not enough for the swimming. Thus, it is better to have a pool for kids in backyards, as there are many benefits of swimming for children. So let’s talk about those benefits.

Emotional Health benefits

Having a pool is great of mental well being of your kid. Your kid will learn swimming in the pool which is directly proportional to increasing his or her mood. In fact, swimming is beneficial for adults as it is the biggest stress reducer.

Range of Exercise

We all know that swimming allows our body to perform various exercises; so, if you have a pool for the kids, they will spend more time on it which will result in the complete aerobic workout. Also, having a pool for the kids allows a small amount of activity in many intervals.

Health Problems

Kids are prone to health issues due to their weak immune system and sensitive body. Many kids suffer from asthma and arthritis these days, and it is really difficult for them doing exercises on their own. Having a pool in your home will automatically allow you kid to exercise; swimming is the simplest form of exercise. It is also beneficial for autism kids; however, parents need to be aware of their activity in the pool. Indoor swimming is always better than outdoor swimming as moist air in the backyard makes breathing easier for your kids, and an indoor swimming environment can only be created by a pool.

Kids Bedtime

This is an advantage that most parents have never considered until they really own a pool. If it is hard for you to get your kids to bed on time, then think about having a pool because this is the best cure for this problem. Playing outside in the pool will tire your kids and they will go to bed on time. So consider having a pool instead of shouting commands.

The best reason to stay home

If you are worried about your kid spending time in his or her friend’s home, then consider having a pool and see the transformation This will give your kid a reason to stay home. You can likewise watch your kid interacting with their friends; this is the most comfortable way to see how kids are relating to their friends.

Time saving tips for Moms

Whether a “staying at home mom” or a working mother, all of us are busy as we have hundreds of things pending to do. Just ask any mom about how she is doing. Usually, the answer is clear; busy!!! Undoubtedly, all moms are busy dealing with other living and important task; still most of the men are skeptical about our multitasking skills. We are Superwomen as we take care of almost everything. We perform the duties of a cook, cleaner, chauffeur, organizer, money manager, and the list will never end. Actually, do you know that all of these tasks would cost more than $200000 per year; it is not easy to replace you. Below are some tips to save your time.


Cooking is the common task of mom. You can try creating a meal plan of five days; what you will or you want to eat 5 days from now. If perfectly done, this will save you a lot of time as well as the money. You can likewise save you time at mealtime by using paper plates; no dishwasher issues. Another tip that would help is: cook two freezable meals at once; with a little extra work, you will be able to prepare dinner for another night. Moms are ubiquitous genus, but if we muster a few time saving tips, we will be able to do much more thing for our self. Remember that your time is valuable; more than your time, you are valuable.

Online Shopping

Online shopping is very useful for moms simply because it saves a lot of time. Also, you can easily shop with your kids, which is not possible when you go to a mall.  This will likewise save you from exhaustion. The benefits of online shopping are endless and infinite, but you should only look for reliable sites for shopping such as Amazon Prime.

When making large purchases, like for kitchen appliances, definitely look to Amazon and their appliance section for reviews.  Sometimes you can hire a appliance repair company, but often times you will just have to bear the burden of finding a new appliance.  Leverage Amazon and their amazing community to find your next washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator, or any major home appliance!

Kitchen Appliance Repair
Sometimes you can leverage online shopping to help you find major, offline purchase data, reviews, prices, specs, and more!

Turn off Notification

It is not easy to turn off all the notifications on your mobile phone, but at least you can try limiting some apps from notifying you. You can also try not to refresh your emails too often. Email notifications eats a lot of your time and it can never be your time saver. You can check your emails as well as the notifications when it is easy or convenient for you.

Bottom Line

As mentioned above, you are a mom with ubiquitous features, but you should not encumber your life. Organize everything wisely, reduce stress, and value yourself more.

Top TV shows of 2014

Just like traditional television boxes transformed into the new sleek LEDs, television shows are also becoming advanced and innovative. Every year, we see many blowhard television series, but only a few a them touches our heart; game of thrones, mad men, true detective, orange is the new black, etc. Today, we will run down top television shows of 2014, essentially all of which can be viewed on the gadget you’re holding at this moment. Nowadays, people can access their television shows virtually anywhere; however, to understand what shows are worth downloading or watching, you’ve to read on.




As the filthy beast of all time, Hannibal still attracts and horrifies us, both at the same time. His smooth, carefree attitude and style, combined with his staggering fineness makes him the most appealing monsters since Gary Oldman or Dexter. People who like psychological horror cannot ignore Hannibal. Many people think that this series is not exactly the same as the movie because it doesn’t follow the storyline; yes, it is true, but it has its own flavor and impact in terms of suspense and tension.

The Americans

In this age of competition in the television industry, it is still hard to see a perfect episode of a show. However, FX has made the whole series much more impeccable; it is flawless. Excellent entertainment for a thinking person and it has everything that makes you wait eagerly for the next episode; one ought to come back after watching the first episode. The credit goes to great visuals, script, and of course Matthew Rhys. It is a mature show with no absurdity storytelling designed with a unique assumption, the Cool War.

True Detective

It is not your regular cop show; it has black humor, dark and amazing performances, and a bit of psychedelic touch. The visuals as well as the cinematography of this show are amazing and all the actors are gurus of acting when it comes to great performances. If you like character driven stories, then this would fascinate you.

Game of thrones

Yes, John snow still does not know anything but the mutlilayered narration as well as the bold storyline has a lot to tell. We don’t know when RR Martin will end the story, but we don’t want this fictional world to end ever.

This television show is much better than the original novel due to the fact that the story is modified to make it appropriate for the TV.  Just the sheer MASSIVE concrete structures the show has is impressive in its own right.  They had to employ likely hundreds of concrete contractors to make this happen.

Reasons why being a single mom is hard

Being a single mother is very difficult and the reasons are endless. We understand that the difficulties of looking after for children alone are countless. So this short list is an introduction to those typical single mom difficulties, along with some motivations and suggestions to help you manage or cope with them.

Single Mom
Janelle – MTV star shows signs of single parent stress



Financial Stress

What lead to the single parenthood? Death, divorce, or other upsetting life events. These things disturb emotional as well as financial stability of a single mom, and leave a lot of responsibilities in her shoulders which were supposed to be on two shoulders. Even if the mom is an adoptive parent, it is still challenging to deal with everything. Most of the single moms usually face troubles in getting child support, and most of the times they even have to pay attorneys to engage in what should be compensated. Checking bank account too often and estimating the kids need is very common in a single mom’s life. Consulting a financial planner might help in organizing the money, which is directly proportional to lessen the stress.

Social Isolation

Single moms are generally not social as they don’t get time for friendships. If you are trapped in a mountain of duties and responsibilities, then how will you invest in friendships or look for companionship? If they go out, they constantly think of kids and live with a guilt of leaving them alone. Most of them can’t even afford a sitter. So, there are no possibilities of social or adult interactions in their life.

Decision Pressure

Being a single mother is difficult; there are plenty of problems arise when the kids grow. Sharing burden is not possible and making touch decisions is difficult as well. Married parents can discuss things with each other and solve many problems, but it is not easy for a single mother to bear all the weight. Which school is good, which type of counselling requires for kids, which friends are fine. The decision pressure incorporates emotional burden, and this makes parenting too difficult.


Let’s be honest: When a person takes care of different tasks which are designed for two persons, the exhaustion arises.  Moms have to take care of the kids, clean the house, organize, make dinner, shop, take care of all the interior decorating, and more.  It’s a to handle for TWO people much less one!

Single moms often feel spiritually, mentally, and physically worn out, and these things are beyond imagination of dual parents. Being a single mom is hard, but one should find reasons to be in a jovial mood, and find happiness in every little thing. Nothing is permanent; this bad time is temporary, and will pass as well.

DIY home organization tips for moms

If you have had the opportunity of having or managing a family, then you know that it can be a stress to maintain, and an even bigger headache when every little thing is a mess and practically nothing is ever where it should be. There is an answer, however, a fairly basic answer; Organization. Home organization is important as well as crucial because it is the manner by which a household remains clean as well as standing; more like a home. Let’s talk about some DIY tips that make your home nice and comfortable.

Home Design and Organization Tips

Breadbox Smartphone Charging Dock

By including just two small holes in the backside of a breadbox, you can develop a fascination as well as out of sight storage for not only your smartphone but also for other electronic devices that require charging regularly. You can be a little more creative by including extra shelves as this will divide the space and you will be able to add additional storage. Furthermore, the breadbox is essentially an addition to a kitchen with a standard attractiveness.

Vertical organization for additional storage

If you are  searching for extra stockpiling or an easy to reach place for a specific utensil, vertical organization is the ideal way to do it. You can easily create additional storage with some towel bars as well as with bamboo holders.

Door Knobs

You can easily hook door knobs on your kitchen wall to hang your purses and coats. You can also hook these door knobs on different places to hang things that are creating a mess. It is the best way to keep the home’s appearance look clean and jovial.

Wire Shelf

Just install a wire shelf vertically in any preferred place and organize all kinds of tall left over things. For example; you can keep all the wrapping papers organized in a wire shelf.

Wood plank wine rack

Wood plank wine rack is the most commonly used DIY home organization tip by moms. It is the best way to store as well as to organize your wine collection; Uncomplicated, fantastic, artistic, and affordable.

Bottom Line

At some point, Most moms find themselves faced with cluttered, disorganized home, and feel confused by the idea of dealing with the mess. While most of the moms affected the most, even home organization experts, at times, find their home in a very bad as well as in disorganized condition, Whether your house is only minimally messy, or mess has taken over entirely, following DIY home organization tips will make you feel great about your creativity and effort, and make your living space more like a home.

If for some reason you can’t seem to figure it out, you can always hire a home organization expert or an interior designer to help you out.  An expert will likely spend an hour with you for free to determine the main issue, and then bid the project.  From there, you can decide whether or not working with a professional is worth the money or not.  I feel you CAN do it on your own, but if you have more money than time (as lots of mommies do) just opt for using a professional and get it done right!

My favorite website and resources as a single mom

Single moms have to look out for each other and in this post I really want to discuss and give to you my top 10 favorite sites on the Internet today.

Every single mom is looking to save time looking to get entertained, and find the best resources for entertaining content on the Internet. So the following list is going to be my bookmarks that I regularly visit on a regular basis.


1. Pinterest 

Probably my favorite site has got to be Pinterest. Pinterest is a collection of basically anything and everything you can ever imagine. They use complex algorithms at all types of cool technology to surface all of these different things that I like and I don’t have to do anything so I just get the best new content in my feed every day I login.  And the coolest part is is the site almost learns about who I am and what I like based on what I click on so that over time I start to get better and better results in my feed.

2.  Wanelo

My second site that I would love to recommend is wanelo. That stands for want need love and basically the site is almost like a Pinterest for products. You can go to the site and discover Products that other people have collected and saved to water called collections. And from those collections you discover products and form your own collections. It’s a great way to discover the coolest trending products from around the world without going to 1 million different sites.


3.  Houzz

The third site that I would have to recommend anyone who is a mom take a look at is Houzz.com.   It’s the destination for single moms and homeowners to go and look at what I like to call house porn. There are over 5 million beautiful images on house of stunning interiors from around the world and it’s a great place to go to just relax and look at cool interiors and dream about what your home could become.


4.  Thumbtack

My next favorite one and this one is new to the list just starting is thumbtack.com.   It is a great place to go and get information about different services and local service providers in your area. What I like about it is I don’t have to worry about going and finding a service.  I just say I need a plumber and I get a plumber returned right back to me up and five different quotes from reputable companies.


5.  Wikipedia

Another one of my favorite sites is Wikipedia. And this one’s pretty obvious and for obvious reasons Wikipedia just flat out no knows everything there is to know about every single topic on the Internet. Remember there will remember those old Britannica Encyclopedia is that you used to have in school will picture those but in an online version and every piece of information is at your fingertips.


6. Huff Post

Another one of my favorite sites is the Huffington Post. In the morning there app is my go to app to discover the latest and trending news around the world.


7. Youtube

And last my favorite site for video content has got to be YouTube. YouTube is user generated content at its finest and if you couple YouTube with chrome cast for your TV you have basically no more need for cable. You can find basically any type of video and any type of content on YouTube and push it directly to your TV.

I hope this list of sites was exciting and help you discover a couple sites that you’re going to bookmark and enjoy on a regular basis. For me these are my go to sites. All for now.


What will we write about?

You’re likely asking 1. Who is tink?  And 2.  Are you actually Tink’s mother?

Well…. Tink is my son, and yes I am his mother.

I will write about anything and everything pop culture, reality television, and just anything that can be helpful to other parents out there.

I’m a single mother, and I live online.  I love everything about the internet age, and I love apps.  I’m all about a flexible, safe, affordable lifestyle that leverages technology.

In terms of pop culture, I am into music, dance, and all types of stuff.  I live in Saint Louis, MO and I am in the process of starting a new business (more on that later).

If you are new to the site, please go head and bookmark our Home Page.   That’ll keep you up to date.  I’ll try to get a RSS feed up shortly.

I plan on writing some serious posts about the state of reality TV.  I (like a lot of single moms) LOVE, love LOVE reality TV in every way.

I think one of the most powerful stories of this past year was the passing of two funny, personable personalities from the MTV family.  I am talking about Diem and Knight.

Knight was a bit more polarizing but I still loved him.  He’s a good guy at heart, although he had his issues, he was a lot of fun to watch.

The guy flat out cracks me up. He loves hockey two which is a bonus because I really love hockey as well.  The death of night was just really, really sad I thought Knight was a great guy.  I really enjoyed watching him over the years and his struggles with Gemmi were also on the forefront of television for years.

Then you have Diem and this one just flat out makes you cry.

Diem was not only a great human being but she was a lover as well. It was clear that her love for CT was true and genuine, and her death was something that just made everyone in the MTV family cry and be upset. I thought CT and the way that he handled himself on the shower was very admirable. When CT left the show and DM left the show it was very clear that something serious was wrong.

The season went on and Sarah ended up winning and I thought that was great as Sarah took some abuse during the show.  It was really unfair and the behavior of Leroy’s ex-girlfriend was just unacceptable.  The way that she was behaving was embarrasing. Obviously she was drunk but that’s no excuse for the way that she was treating people on that show. I’m glad that she was canned. That was a great show.

Some of my other favorite shows that I’m really into right now are Shark Tank on ABC. You absolutely have to love Kevin O’Leary. He’s so funny and how he tells entrepreneurs that they should go back behind the bar and kill their ideas.

I also like Mark Cuban. Mark’s a great guy and it’s clear that he’s been extremely successful and has a lot of knowledge to share. He has become somewhat of a dick the past 2 season though, let’s be honest!

And last you got the lovable Robert Herjevic.   Roberts super super kind and he absolutely does everything he can to be nice and helpful to the entrepreneurs that come onstage.

But Robert doesn’t write a lot of checks. He seems to be very selectful on who he gets into business with and I respect that about the guy. He’s clearly a very tech savvy investor and someone who if I ever started a business that could raise capital would be someone that I would want to raise money from.

Some of the other shows that I will likely cover are the MTV challenge, and Restaurant Startup.

I’ll also likely cover some of the other great shows from the past as in flavor Flav’s flavor of love.

And then obviously people love the bachelor and the bachelorette and I am no different so I’ll probably write about those as well. I’ll try to be as candid as possible and leave nothing back because I want to put my own personal opinions out there. Anyways I think that’s enough for now this post is gone on for a long time. Until tomorrow!